Top Guide to Buy the Best Watch Winder Safe

Are you planning to buy your first watch winder? Make sure to read this guide so you can choose the best watch winder safe.

Consider Multiple Turntables

You might want to consider how many turntables the watch winder has. Even if you only have one automatic watch right now, it doesn’t mean you have to choose a single watch winder. You also have to consider your long-time goals. If you plan to add more automatic watches into your collection, it is best to invest in multiple watch-winder from the get-go.

Turns per Day

The best watch winder safe must have a variety of options of Turns per Day (TPD) to accommodate your watch’s needs. You can check your watch’s TPD on the user’s manual. Make sure you can set the winder according to your watch’s TPD. It is important to keep the watch’s mechanism in the best condition.

Strength and Robustness

You might be tempted to buy a cheap watch winder. But please be careful because the price doesn’t lie. You have to consider the strength and robustness of the material. If you love collecting automatic watches, it is very important to choose a winder with the best material because a bad build could compromise the condition of your watch.

Power Supply

It is best to avoid battery-operated watch winder. It tends to be more expensive in the long run because you have to replace the battery once it is worn out. In addition, it is also less reliable because when the voltage decreases as the battery is getting older, it will produce inconsistent energy output that can affect the watch’s mechanism.

Choosing a winder with a power adapter is the best option. But if you travel frequently with your winder, it is best to choose a watch winder safe that comes with both power adapter and battery. This way, you will have no problems travelling with your watch winder.


Choosing a watch winder is not only about the function. It is also about the style. This is because a watch winder safe also acts as a display for your beautiful watch collections. So, if you love collecting expensive automatic watches, make sure to pair it with a fabulous luxury watch winder to showcase your style and elegance.

The best watch winder safe is a combination of quality and beautiful appearance. It is important to make sure that the safe looks pretty and works well at the same time.