The Best Double Watch Winder: Do You Need One?

The best double watch winder is one of the various types of watch winders available in markets. As the name implies, this type of watch winder has 2 storage spaces to wind 2 automatic watches at the same time. Among the benefits offered by this device, do you really need one?

Why You Probably Need a Double Watch Winder

It is fair to say that automatic mechanical watches are expensive. Such a watch keeps running by the movement of your wrist. If you leave the watch stationary, it will eventually stop. So, the best double watch winder will keep your automatic watch running when you are not using it. It allows the watch to self-lubricate, making sure that the watch’s gear works smoothly and efficiently. If you have 2 automatic watches, you can wear one and put another one in the watch winder to keep it working.

At night, you can store your precious, luxury watches in the double watch winder to be wound. If you have more than 2 automatic watches, a double watch winder still can be a solution. You can keep a couple of watches turning since an automatic watch loses its power within 8 days when in no use.

Who is a Double Watch Winder for?

A double watch winder is worth buying for automatic watches collectors and enthusiasts. If you own several automatic mechanical watches, it will be better if you complete your collection with such a watch winder. Double watch winders will keep your watch running as well as display them in a decorative way. It can make your luxury watch look even more luxurious. However, a double watch winder is slightly more expensive than a single watch winder. So, you might better test with the single one first, instead of the best double watch winder.