The Best Treatment for Keeping a Luxury Watch Winder Box Clean and Durable

If you are one of the luxury watch winder collectors, this thing must be really familiar to you. Yes, it is a luxury watch winder box. So, what is it actually? Slightly, a winder box looks like a conventional box. But it has some slots inside and other features to keep watches and the whole stuff clean and safe. In other words, it is a part of the luxury watch treatments.

Uniquely, although it functions to keep luxury watch winder, the winder box itself needs treatments also. Therefore, the box can be really durable and used for a long time. So, what must you do for the winder box treatments? Here are the tips to follow.

Keep it in a dry place

The winder box along with its content, the watches, must be placed in a dry place. Besides, make sure to protect it from sunlight directly. For a wooden winder box, a humid area may cause the bacteria and fungi to grow. Besides, sunlight is not good for the outer wooden structure. Meanwhile, if your luxury watch winder box is made from metal the heat can make it swollen and thermal so that it can damage the watches inside. The best place is inside a wardrobe or walk-in closet with room temperature.

Clean it regularly

After buying a luxury winder box, you must read the guidebook or ask the seller about how to clean it. Some types of winder boxes can just be simply cleaned by wiping them with a dry rug available. Meanwhile, some other products may let you wash it. No matter how you clean it, more importantly, you must do it regularly. If the winder box is washed with water, make sure to dry it before using it. To dry it, you only need to put it somewhere windy inside your home. This is how you can find your luxury watch winder box clean and more durable.